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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Kitchen Industry FAQ’s

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What is “Home Building Compensation” and what does it mean?

Formerly known as “Home Warranty Insurance”, HBC is the current scheme to protect homeowners against job in-completion.
In NSW when building or renovating a home, you must have Home Building Compensation (HBC) cover for works over $20,000.00
This cover is the last resort, from non-completion and defects within the statutory warranty period (six years for major defective work; two years for other losses)
HBC claims arise if your Builder or Tradesperson cannot fix or complete the work because they have passed away, disappeared, become insolvent or had their licence suspended.
As of 1st July 2018, your Builder or Tradesperson must disclosure the cost of the HBC cover in their contract with you.
The HBC premium or contributions based on a number of factors including the category of work, builder risk and location.

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What is the Warranty on new Joinery?

The Statutory Warranty on cabinet products and materials is 7 years; but motion products (hinges, drawers, wire ware) are often backed by lifetime guarantees.

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I’m renovating the kitchen and the flooring – what do i do first?

This question entirely depends on the floor covering and the design features in your kitchen.
The best knowledge to impart is that you are contemplating a floating floor in the kitchen – please let your Cabinetmaker know at the outset, that your Cabinetmaker can consult on the best finish for you.  Often the kitchen footprint can used to “trim” the flooring for the floors best effect.


I haven’t made my mind up about Appliances.  What can you tell me?

Appliances are always purchased before the kitchen design is finalised. And yes, that does include the Refrigerator!
The spectrum of appliances available today is dizzying.  Make a shortlist of the appliance packages you are looking at.  Let a knowledgeable cabinetmaker steer you through any decisions involving:

  • Integrated Appliances (Dishwashers, Fridges)
  • Dish Drawers
  • Under bench Fridges
  • Freestanding Ovens
  • Under mount Range hoods
  • Pyrolytic Ovens
  • BBQ’s
  • Water Filtration Packages

Lazarou Joinery keeps detailed designs on many edge-case appliance, because often times these appliances throw the most surprises!
Another way Lazarou’s like to work – we prefer to handle the Appliances as early as possible in the Manufacturing process, and chose to store them in our factory.  Another way we choose to service our customers.


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Appliances are on Sale, Do i get them right now? Will that save me money?

Sometimes you will save big by buying your appliances directly and under a sale’s deadline pressure.
If you are early in your Build Process, please resist buying your appliances until the kitchen is about to be commenced – this might not save you as much cash-money as a run out sale (though Appliance retailers have year-round sales events and packages) but will likely save you more money in the event of a warranty claim.

What is *this* material?  What do you think about *that* material?

Great question!  One that we get asked all the time!
Just as a kitchen is part of our lifestyle, people have different expectations about how their furniture should fit their lifestyle.
Lazarou Joinery is all about providing that impeccable finish and we supply beautiful finishes.
However, some people enjoy caring more for their surfaces and other people expect more engineered or durable surfaces.
As befitting the Question – we have a huge showroom – 2 Redfern Street COWRA and knowledgeable Staff attending to nearly every building material under the sun.