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Care and Maintenance for Essastone Bench tops

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Essastone adds style, luxury and sophistication to any space.  Offering the enduring appeal of natural quartz, a contemporary selection of colours and a 15 year limited warranty, its guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

The high content of natural quartz makes Essastone remarkably resilient and virtually maintenance free.  It’s highly stain, scratch and heat resistant.  However no surface can be completely stain, scratch and heat proof.

The following information will allow you to take care and pride in your bench top.


For routine cleaning, use small quantities of non-bleach, non abrasive cleaners together with warm water and a damp sponge or cloth.  Liquid spills including fruits, vegetables, food colouring and curries should be wiped up immediately and cleaned with a mild detergent and water after detection.

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Protective trivets and heat pads must always be used underneath cookware such as pots, pans or dishes when removing them from the oven, cook top or microwave and placing them onto the Essastone bench top.  Prolonged or sudden extreme temperature changes can create thermal shock cracks which is not covered under warranty.  Additional care should be taken around hotplates with over sized pots and pans.  These can over hang the appliance and conduct radiant heat directly onto the surface of the stone causing thermal damage.

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The use of cutting boards and taking care not to drop heavy items on the bench top with ensure a longer life for your top.  The resilient surface has been designed to withstand normal daily use.  Do not cut directly onto the Essastone surface.  Such scratches from this will not be covered under warranty.


Strong chemicals and cleaners with a high alkaline ph level can cause damage to your Essastone bench top.  Such solvents include paint remover, paint and stain strippers, nail polish removers, concentrated bleach, furniture cleaners, oil soaps, permanent markers, oven cleaners and drain cleaners.  If a strong chemical or solvent was to come in contact with your bench top, rinse immediately with plenty of water then follow your normal cleaning procedures.

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If the routine care procedure does not remove the stubborn stains or dried spill/stains, use a non abrasive cleaning pad such as sponge and a glass surface cleaner.  Should such items like chewing gum, nail polish or similar substances adhere to the surface, use a plastic scraper.  Gently scrap off the substance and then follow the routine cleaning of bench top.  Many cream cleansers have found to contain abrasives that may damage the polished surface and there fore are not recommended.

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If the routine procedures do not remove the stubborn or dried spills/stains, then careful use of “Jiff” Cream Cleanser  with micro particles can be used.  The Essastone surface must be wet with water and a small amount of the “Jiff” Cleanser applied with a damp cloth.  Use a light pressure and clean with a swirling motion, keeping the area wet with small amounts of water to allow the fine cleaning particles to gentle remove the stain.  Wash and wipe the surface to remove the cleaning agent and dry with a soft cloth.

For all surface finishes, red wine and other tannin based stains can be removed with a diluted bleach (50:50 mix).  Do not allow the bleach to remain on the surface for longer then a minute.  Wash with water and remove the diluted bleach and dry with a soft cloth.

For all surfaces should paint spots/stains persist after following the procedures above, as a last resort, use a spot of acetone.  However colour change may occur or surface damage resulting from the use of acetone.  This is the very last resort and the use of acetone is not covered under warranty.  Make sure to test a small spot that is not noticeable first before trying on the stained spot.

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Essastone require no sealing or special care products.  As Essastone is made from natural quartz, there maybe some variations in colours and patterns.  Small surface spots and blotches are typical in engineered quartz surfaces.

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