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Do you really need to replace everything?

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Old appliances Vs new appliances.

Do you really need to replace everything?


             This customer chose to update the appliances but kept their existing splashback.



Old appliances can be kept.

But there are considerations that need to be assessed before you decide whether to keep or replace.

  • Expected life span of the appliance. How far through its life cycle is that marvellous oven, enormous fridge, favourite mixer?
  • Energy efficiency; is the appliance a juice guzzler? Does the washing machine use 100s of litres of water per wash? If you use your dryer does the electricity bill skyrocket? Older appliances can have lower levels of insulation, higher energy consumption and noise levels.
  • Functionality, maintenance and cleaning; new appliances often have labour saving functions built into them. Special cleaning/ defrosting cycles, streamlined designs with less nooks and crannies to trap dirt, superior finishes that keep cleaning to a minimum.
  • Aesthetics; new appliances reflect the latest styles and materials. Colour, shapes and styles, (contemporary, retro, country, scandi) are enhanced with appliances that reflect your style.

Assess your appliances and tell your professional which ones you are wishing to keep. Permanently plumbed and wired appliances will have additional moving costs. This also needs to be taken into consideration.

If you have an appliance that you wish to replace at a later date ask for that to be designed into the project. Good planning will make adjustments easier later on.


(These customers retained their existing appliances and had cupboards made to suit.)


Flooring needs to be assessed in the same way.

The decision to replace flooring is usually dependant on wear, aesthetics and volume.

How badly worn is the floor? Are there trip hazards/ small but awkward changes in levels? Does it extend into the adjacent rooms?

Can you live with that colour/ style? One person’s heavily patterned floor is another person’s heavy-hearted nightmare.


(These flooring in these kitchens was not changed.  The customers chose to use their existing foot print in the renovation)


Lighting has traditionally been one of the last considerations in a design.

Unless the lighting is very poor most people do not consider this a priority area.

Advances in lighting mean that task areas can now be superbly lit, energy consumption drastically reduced and maintenance almost eliminated. No more bugs stuck to the florescent tubes.


Layout, Design, Style.

While we all have preferences for style and colour we often fall into a habit of using a space just as it is.

Someone unfamiliar with a space will see it in a completely different way. Keep an open mind to the questions and suggestions put forward to you.

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