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Once upon-a-time, long, long ago, my kitchen was beautiful.

– – – – – – – – – –

She had framed & beaded Tassie Oak doors set into Tassie Oak framing with little brass butt hinges at the sides.

A pumpkin coloured laminate bench-top with solid timber edge routed over so no dirt or crumbs would collect at the edge.

The oven was wall mounted, and the hot plates solid. Each were white enamel and built to last almost a lifetime. There was nothing “digital” about them. The knobs were solid metal, clock mechanical analogue and everything heated-up slowly.

I had specified it all perfectly; almost.

My professional and I had done our work well.

Over the years I discovered little “disappointments” here and there.

The rubbish tended to flow over the little 1.5ltr. bench-top bin after every meal prep.

The oven trays & cooling racks fell all over their cupboard when ever they felt like it.

The under-sink cupboard was never to be opened in front of people and the pull-out rangehood kept hitting my head when I looked in the pots.

– – – – – – – – –

Once upon-a-time my professional was “just a builder”. Now he’s a kitchen manufacturer. He often tells me what he could do for me with my old kitchen.

But where would I start?

31 years on I am still in love with my beautiful kitchen.

Although, he has been doing some work lately that I really fancy, and they have so many ingenious cooks aids now.

Corner drawers, mixer lifts, compost and waste bins that fit inside cupboards. Induction cook-tops that heat-up in a flash. Special racks to hold trays, spices and oils. All those little disappoints could be made to vanish.






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