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The Decision

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The Decision.

To me the idea of renovation is daunting and I’m married to a builder.

For most of us the thought of a whole new room is lovely. The TV renovation shows make it look easy. They stress over paint colours and appliance finishes, demolish vast areas of a building and rebuild them. Move a door here, add a window there, and loose as many internal walls as possible.

The owners very wisely never see this. They come back for the “surprise” at the end.

The reality for all of us not on a “make over” show is very different; it often takes an event to spur us into action.

Once the decision to begin is made “everything” starts.

Decisions come thick and fast.

Who do you contact?

Where do you start and finish?

What do you really want?

Is this the right thing to be doing now?  How much should be spent?

This is the time to contact a professional.

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