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Where do you start & finish

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Where do you start & finish?

Budget, time and space seem to be the common limiters for projects.

Budget nearly always comes first; few of us have such a limitless budget we can have anything we desire.

Time is often the next big consideration.

Then Space appears as the head ache that worries everyone.

These are all regular worries and your professional is used to dealing with them.

There are so many really good kitchen products on the market these days that an attractive, functional option is available for every budget. Colour, texture and performance are available at all budget levels, and your professional will be able to show you the options. Certain styles, designs or materials may only be available at higher price points. Imitations of these products are often disappointing. This is where a professional will assist in the process of deciding how to shrink / expand your budget: by providing realistic choices and reliable advice.

Time frames can be estimated by all professionals. Most will advise against rushing as this usually leads to compromise. Where time lines are unrealistic consider doing the project in stages. This option maintains the quality of the project and your sanity.

Spatial planning is where your professional will really shine. They know their product tolerances.  Work zone requirements, how you like to cook, clean and live helps them to plan these areas to truly meet your needs.



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